Finding solace in “The Secret”


Have you ever been through what you’d consider a trying time? For me, one of those times was having to move back home due to unemployment. The first few months of being back home were the hardest. I felt like a failure. I had left home to go to university and never imagined I’d ever have to go back and live there again. I visited once or twice a year and loved it because I knew I was going back to my life. Now I was back for who knew how long. It didn’t feel like home anymore. Everything seemed so foreign. I felt like a stranger.

Someone gave me a copy of the secret by Rhonda Byrne. I had read it some years back but couldn’t remember its appeal. I read it and was reminded that you are what you think. I was reminded that I could choose to either wallow in my misery or to be positive and take control of my life.

I was reintroduced to the law of attraction, that you attract to you that which you think. A spark started building in my heart and I slowly but surely started to regain my lost positive attitude. The young girl who believed anything was possible was being reborn.

Before I knew it my life was starting to make sense. I hadn’t yet found a job so I started volunteering for the kind of organization I’d always wanted to work for. Because I had nothing to lose and no rent to pay or any other rat-race kind of stress, I could choose where to volunteer. I enjoyed getting up in the morning to do something I loved. After almost a year of volunteering an ideal position opened up and I was hired. I was now getting paid to do work that I love.

With things changing for the better I was reminded that God was working in my life and he had never abandoned me as I had believed he had. I was becoming a person I could be proud of again and I was happy. I realized that God had answered my prayer by taking me out of a bad situation and into a place of being at peace and knowing he loved me and always had even when I didn’t feel it.


  1. someone gave me this book and i was too lazy to read it, also i don’t like self help books. the person also gave me the film after realising i was never going to read that book, however after reading your post i have decided to give it a go!!!!


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