Have you ever been inspired, motivated or empowered by a book?


Have you ever wanted to do something with the potential to change the world? Have you ever been inspired, motivated or empowered by a book or books? If yes, then take a copy or 2, or 10 copies of that book/books and give them away. You can give the books to a stranger, a friend or a family member. You could also do so at your nearest school, university or public library. The point is to give away books that have inspired you with the hope that they will impact somebody else. One person reading one book could benefit that person and hundreds or even millions of others in ways you might never have imagined.

The end game is to have as many people be reached through inspirational, motivational and empowering books. These will hopefully make them believe that anything is possible; that they can dream big and live to realize their dreams and that they are the ones who can change their own lives, if they believe.

You don’t have to donate any money to any cause, just give away a book/s. Give someone else that feeling you got after you read that book.

The books should be inspirational, motivational and empowering, be it in the form of self-development books or autobiographies.

I’d like to inspire, motivate and empower people to dream big and to know that if they believe, anything is possible. One effective way I have found is through reading self -development and inspirational books, as well as reading books on people who have overcome adversities or defied great odds. I’d like to see as many such books find their way into people’s hands (or their kindles). Join me in this endeavor; let’s do a little thing called ‘changing the world’, one person at a time.

If you’d like you can also write a guest post on a book that has inspired you and how it has done so.


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