A message of hope


A friend of mine came home to visit her parents and whilst she was here we got to spend some time together. We spoke about our lives and where we were going. I told her I was happy but wanted more out of life. She told me that she’d been having trouble sleeping and she discovered that for some reason Joel Osteen’s voice lulled her to sleep. She said she would listen to him every night to help her fall asleep. Somewhere along the way his message of hope sipped into her, without her even thinking too much about it. She said she started to watch his sermons even when she didn’t want to sleep.

I didn’t know much about him except that his name sounded familiar. She suggested that I read the book Your best life now by Joel Osteen. I read it and where ‘The secret’ had ignited a spark, ‘Your best life now’ caused an inferno. I’m the type of person that can finish a book in a day. This one took me weeks to finish. Not because it was boring but because it resonated with me in a way that no other book had. I would read and smile all by myself. I felt like it was written for me. I savored every word. There were points where I got up and danced and sang in praise, which was a shock because I’ve never been much of a happy clapper, in fact I’ve always thought some of them were faking it. Yet there I was, happily clapping away because I was reading of God’s love for me and how I could still live out my destiny. Joel Osteen’s book allowed me to dream big again.

I’ve suggested many books that have impacted me to people but if ever there was a book that I thought everyone should read, ‘Your best life now’ is that book. Since I read it I’ve given it as a gift to maybe 10 people. As far as inspirational books go, it takes the cup for me. If you haven’t read it, give it a try and it might just do for you what it did for me. If you’re not much of a reader then try watching one of his sermons and see if they inspire you in any way. If they don’t, oh well maybe they’ll help you fall asleep.


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