The Bible has all the answers


I’ve read inspirational books, listened to and watched sermons but I’ve learnt there’s something more important than any of those. I’m talking about the Bible. A preacher or author or anyone else might give their message and I learn something from it. That’s all well and good, however I still have to consult the main source for myself.

I’ve found that any question I have, the Bible has an answer for it. I was never much of a Bible reader but I’ve realized anything anyone says about God or from the Bible is their interpretation of it. I could read the same story in the Bible and learn something from it completely different from what the next person will learn. For example many have taken the time Jesus turned water into wine to mean he was advocating for drinking. Someone read the same story and said it showed that God can accelerate processes. Something like wine-making that could take years took minutes.

No matter what you hear or read, the Bible itself is your best source. I’ve heard people say they wish God would talk to them or that they wish they could hear God, the Bible is one of the ways God talks to us. The great thing about it is that it talks about everything. I’ve read about things I never thought I would find in the Bible, from taxes to sex, from swearing to landlords. You name it, it’s in there.

If you come across or hear a conflicting message, verify it yourself in the Bible. If you have a question, look for an answer in the Bible. Or if you just want to learn more about what God wants of you, the Bible will tell you. You might not be ready to listen, like I was for a long time, but the answers are always ready when you are.


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