Why I relate to David and Paul


Reading the Bible for myself is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m learning so much and discovering things I didn’t even know. I’m also finding the difference between what I heard about certain stories and what the Bible actually says about those stories. I also find myself relating to many people in the Bible.

Let me start with David. David did some great things in his time. From defeating Goliath with a slingshot in a way that even Rambo would envy, to honoring and praising God so beautifully in the Psalms. And yet he also made some mistakes. At one point he actually had one of his soldiers killed so he could get his wife. God was still proud of him though, to the point of calling him “a man after my own heart” as referenced in Acts 13 verse 22.

God can still use you no matter what. There is nothing so great that God won’t forgive. You have to admit to God what you did, repent, that is, leave it behind and not continue to do it (even if sometimes you might fail) and be sincere. God is loving and understanding, more than you could ever imagine. I could give you examples but it won’t help in any way because you know what you’ve done or haven’t done. You know what you struggle with. Give it to God and let him work in you.

Back to David. Sometimes he takes the words right out of my mouth. Once God answered me in a way I never expected and I remember thinking “I wonder if God has done this for other people?” because it was so amazing and so prompt that I had to ask that. Then I found 2 Samuel 7 verse 19 where David said “Is this your usual way of dealing with man, O Sovereign Lord?” He asked this after God had sent a Prophet to tell him about his future. As I was saying, words right out of my mouth.

I also find myself relating to Paul. He used to persecute Christians and yet God chose him. I was not the best person but God chose me as His child. We think we turn to God but He chooses us to be His children. Each and every one of us. Some just choose not to answer that call.

In Galatians 1 Paul discusses his “call”. He mentions how after he was saved he took time out, about 3 years discovering more and studying the word. That showed me how important it is to study the word for yourself. I feel that’s what’s been going on with me as I learn all I can about God. It’s a process and I’m continuing to learn.

I’m choosing to share even as I’m still learning because I know I was afraid to turn to God because of guilt and many other things. God doesn’t care about that. He wants you to come to Him as you are and let Him work in you.

He won’t force you. What’s needed from you is a willing heart. Not willpower because that’s not easy to come by for some of us, just a willing heart. He will start to work and at first you might not see it or feel it but in time you will and you will have no doubt who changed things around for you.

There’s no time like the present for you to reach out to God. Cry out to Him if you must. He will hear you.




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