What to watch to feed your dreams


If you’re a dreamer like me I’m sure there are some things you’re believing for that seem impossible at the moment. Dreams that if you told people about them they’d probably laugh at you. Despite knowing that, there’s something in you that still believes. No matter how small that part is, it keeps you going.

If your dreams are really big, there are probably times where you start to doubt and wonder if it’s all worth it. Where you wonder if the disappointments you face and all you’re putting in will pay off. Times where “being realistic” looks like the better option.

For those times I find ways to get myself back into a believing state because I owe it to myself to see it through. Depending on what I need to feel at the time, I’ll either read inspirational books or watch videos that have spoken to me in the past. Videos that have spoken to my heart, to the dreamer in me and reminded me that anything is possible if I believe. Below are some of those videos. I hope they’ll do for you what they do for me.

  1. Lisa Nichols – How to live with purpose and inspire others everyday
  2. Les Brown – It’s not over until you win! Your dream is possible
  3. Oprah Winfrey – Power of belief
  4. Joel Osteen – Feed your destiny
  5. Devon Franklin – How bad do you want it?

What videos have made an impact in your life? What do you watch to keep your dreams alive? Do share in the comments, I’m always looking for new videos to watch.


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