The fallacy of ‘no room for growth’


Have you ever heard people complain about their jobs having ‘no room for growth’ or were you the one making the complaint? Do you think there’s any legitimacy to this claim? By saying this, it means that the company or organization one works for ‘owes’ them growth and development. If someone believes that then chances are they won’t feel the need to develop themselves because they expect their company to do that for them. If the company doesn’t do that, who loses out? That person or the company?

I once changed jobs because there was ‘no room for growth’. I was lying to myself because no one owes me growth. It is my responsibility. If I want something to change in my life I have to do it. The same applies to my career. You can’t expect your job or your company to develop you. It would be great if they did but if they don’t you’re the one who loses out. You are the one who has that responsibility.

If you’re going to achieve your dreams, you have to do the necessary work. You can grow from where you are. Focus on yourself. Work on your development. It’s all on you. You get to decide what you want your life to look like so do that and make that life happen. Don’t sit around waiting for your company to do it for you. Whether it’s through furthering your education, reading or listening to different speakers, whatever it is, it’s up to you to do it.

If you’re employed, is there ‘room for growth’ at your company? What are you doing about it if you feel there isn’t?


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