That moment when you get to live out your vision


In the past, I’ve written about having a vision for your life and I’ve also written about different ways to record your vision. You can check out those posts if you want to find out more. I’m writing this post as a reminder of what can happen if you dream big, record that dream in some way and believe it will happen.

Something exciting happened to me recently. I wrote down something in November last year and in May this year I got to live it out word for word. I didn’t even engineer it. It’s only when it was happening that I realized I’ve written about this. I was out of the country and when I got home and read what I had written my mind was blown away. It was as though my life was following a script I had written! Even now as I write this my mind is boggled.

If we live in God’s purpose for our lives, He will make sure we get to also experience the desires of our hearts. So write that vision letter or do that vision board and one day you’ll get to live it out. At the end of this post I’ll share my latest vision letter to encourage you to do yours. If you haven’t read my previous posts about different ways to record your vision, let me outline the 3 that I use.

Exciting ways to record your vision

A vision letter is a letter that you write to someone and date it 3, 5 or 10 years from now, or however long you wish. You tell this person you’re writing to what your life is like, where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with. You would have to be as descriptive as possible.For your own vision letter, think about what you want to see in your future and go for it. Dream big. They are your dreams; there is no need to limit yourself. What is needed from you is belief. If you believe, anything is possible. Even if it takes 5 years, 10 years or 20 years, it will happen.

The second way is a vision board. This is a board where you put pictures, drawings or words of things you want to see in your future. You can use any board as a base. I used an old calendar for mine. You can use cardboard. You can get pictures from old magazines or print them from pictures online. Again don’t limit yourself, go crazy on that board.For every picture or words you put on that board, know what they represent so that every time you look at them you think of that thing. For instance I have a picture of Oprah Winfrey on mine and I put it there because of the influence I would like to have. Every time I see that picture, that’s what it reminds me, that I will have the kind of influence on the world that I dream of.

The third way is what I call a vision obituary. This is where you write your obituary detailing your life’s work. You write what you want people to say about you at your funeral. You write it as though you have lived out your life. This will help you to see what you want to have done in your life before you die. If you want to see what mine looks like, you can check out this post titled “How to craft your future now.”

My latest vision letter

I’m sharing my latest vision letter because I’m even more convinced I will experience it word for word. I’ve done one about my life in general, this one is for a specific aspect of my life. I hope it encourages you to do one. Here it is:

Date: (not willing to share that:-)

My dearest H, (that’s what I call my husband to be)

I’m wearing the biggest smile on my face right now! Tomorrow I get to walk down the aisle towards you. We get to exchange vows and afterwards become husband and wife. What?! I’m screaming as I write this! It all just seems so unbelievable.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to become your wife. I still can’t believe God groomed and raised a man like you to be my husband. A man who loves Jesus and people, who is trustworthy and supportive. I’ve never felt more loved by God than I do right now because you’re my dream come true. Knowing that you love me is what’s keeping this smile on my face.

How great is God?! I still marvel at how He orchestrated our meeting in such a way that there was no doubt we were meant to meet when we did. I’m still amazed at the way He wrote our love story, with all those signs thrown in so we would have confirmation that we were meant to be together. I love how you were drawn to me because of my physical beauty. How you asked to court me because you discovered the beauty of my heart. And how you asked me to marry you because you became privy to the beauty of my Spirit.

I’m writing this letter as the last letter I’ll write to you as Sibo Hlabangana. The last letter before I become your wife. The next time I write to you we’ll be married. I look forward to that. I also look forward to us living our lives together. I’m the happiest woman in the world right now. I hope you’re as happy as I am. Until I see you waiting for me as I walk towards you tomorrow, good night my love.

I love you,

Sibo Hlabangana (for the last time lol)

What are you waiting for?

What are you believing or having faith for? Have you recorded your dreams, your vision in some way? What’s stopping you? I can tell you from experience, if you write down your vision in some way, believe it is going to happen, you will live to see it come to be.

If you’re someone who wonders how God feels about doing things like vision boards and vision letters, Habakkuk 2 verses 2-3 states:

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

Go ahead, do that vision board, write that vision letter or vision obituary. However you do it, record your vision so that when it happens you can tell others about it and show them the proof. I can’t wait to refer people to posts like this one when what I’m believing for has come true.


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