Power of thoughts in action


I wrote this post a few weeks ago talking about how powerful thoughts are. This week I’d like to share something that’s cemented this idea. I started this blog because I want to inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams, something I’m pursuing too. Some weeks back I was thinking about how to reach more people with my message and I thought maybe I should become a motivational speaker.

Whilst still contemplating that, about 2 weeks later I got a call from someone from the Law Society saying that a girls’ school in my city was looking for a female lawyer to be the guest speaker at a debating leadership event where six schools would be in attendance. They wanted someone to motivate the students. She asked if I would be interested. I of course said yes. I’ve learned when opportunity strikes you have to act immediately so before I even spoke at this event, I added on my LinkedIn profile ‘motivational speaker’.

About a week later someone messaged me on LinkedIn asking if I’d be interested in speaking at a leadership event in our capital city. Again I said yes and there began my journey as a motivational speaker. I’ve spoken at events before but it was usually work related or something I volunteered to do so this is different. This was over a month ago but I’ll be speaking at this event next week. I looked at the lineup and the other speakers are CEO’s and Directors of different companies and I’ll be part of them!

Why am I telling you any of this? I want you to know that anything is possible and that it all starts with your thoughts. I’m grateful to God for sending me all these opportunities. I believe none of it would have happened had my mindset been negative or had I not been ready to act when opportunity came.

My message to you today is believe in your dreams, think on them and when opportunity arises, act. Don’t wait for someone to tell you; you are something or you can do something. Tell yourself you are what you want to be and when you’re ready, tell the world too. I called myself a motivational speaker before I even did anything and so far I’ve had three speaking engagements in less than 2 months. The amazing thing? I didn’t even go looking for any of them. It’s God at work. It also helped that I’d already had a mindset shift, that I believe in my dreams and that I acted when it was time.

Have you read any of the books I’ve suggested on this blog? Have you tried anything I’ve talked about. Please share your success stories so we can all encourage each other.


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