Learning from your mentors’ influencers


In this post I wrote about my speaker mentors, that is motivational and transformational speakers that influence me. Although I’m learning all I can from them, I’ve found it’s even better to learn from their mentors.

Find out your mentors’ mentors because then you get the undiluted version and you can take from it what you will and pick lessons that work for you. Not everything is one size fits all. Statistics may be what move one person but for me you lose me at statistics because I believe in the exceptions. I believe in possibilities so statistics although relevant put me off.

When an influencer I have chosen to learn from mentions reading a certain book or listening to a certain speaker I pay attention. If they are where they are because of them, I want to also be inspired in the same way. More often than not I see exactly why their influence worked. As a result I’m watching and learning from people I wouldn’t otherwise have known anything about. Speakers like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Earl Nightingale.

I can see why my mentors got something from these amazing speakers. They didn’t beat around the bush. They told it like it is. Thanks to technology I get to be inspired and learn from them from the comfort of my bedroom. I’m so grateful to live in the 21st century.

From them I’m learning things like you have to be willing to do that which others are not willing to do. That you have to spend more time on developing yourself than you do on your work. You can’t afford not to do that. No one is indispensable at work. You could get fired or retrenched tomorrow and life will go on at work like you never left. But if you work on yourself, even if that does happen you’ll know it’s a sign that you’re supposed to move on to something bigger and better. You’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

Because I know what the future holds for me, I know I’ll get a chance to chat to my speaker mentors in person but for now, online will do. And because of where they ended up as a result of their mentors, I’m choosing to learn from them too. You won’t lose anything by doing the same with your mentors’ influencers.


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