It’s going to take some courage


I encourage dreaming big and believing in your dreams without evidence, as in having faith. The Bible says faith without action is dead and rightly so because belief alone is not enough. There are times where some action is required from you. That action might seem daunting, it might scare you, which is where courage comes in.

Let me use Peter as an example. He was the one to walk on water towards Jesus in Matthew 14. He knew there was a chance that he might sink but he had the courage to walk anyway. In John 20 after the death of Jesus, Peter and John went to the tomb where his body was supposed to be. John went ahead and when he found Jesus’ clothes outside he was afraid to go in. Peter boldly went in without thinking twice even though he didn’t know what awaited him.¬†When Peter and some of the other disciples saw Jesus on the shore in John 21, he jumped into the water to get to Jesus.

I mention these stories about Peter because in all of them he showed what courage looks like. He took the first step. Sometimes that’s all we have to do. Just take the first step and God will do the rest. When Peter walked on water, he got scared along the way. When that happened Jesus was there to catch him when he fell. Taking a step doesn’t mean you won’t fall. You might fall but Jesus is always there to catch you even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes. When he walked into the tomb, he didn’t know what was on the other side. He went in and there was nothing to fear. He became the first to witness that Christ had risen.

Sometimes you don’t need to pray more, to read more or learn more, sometimes you need the courage to act. To act on what God has put in your heart. To take the first step. Only you can take that step. Only you know what that step is. Be it talking to people about Christ, writing a book, changing your profession, moving on from something.

Have the courage to act. Take that first step. Whether big or small. What you have in you is not just about you. It affects others too. There are people whose lives you’re going to change and the sooner you act the better for them too. It doesn’t mean you’re not scared, just that you’re taking action in spite of the fear.

For instance I felt the desire to inspire people. I had to sit down and think about how I could do that. I started with giving people around me inspirational books. I talked to friends and family and colleagues about faith and following your dreams. That led to starting this blog. Which led to writing books and motivational speaking. All while still at my 9-5 job. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, or how big or small it is, just take the first step.



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