How to figure out what you are passionate about


A couple of weeks ago I wrote this article about why you need a vision for your life and why it’s important to pursue what you are passionate about. Whilst talking to a friend I realized that not everyone knows exactly what they are passionate about. I didn’t either at some point.

She said she was passionate about a lot of things. She said a lot of things excited her and she was still trying to figure out what exactly she was truly passionate about. I asked her to give me examples of things she was passionate about, which she did. From the list I realized it was all things that would somehow make her money in some way. This led me to ask her what if she removed money-making from the equation. I asked her to imagine she had all the money she’s ever wanted or needed, where would she be and what would she be doing?

She said that was an easy question and went on to tell me her answer. I smiled and told her you’ve just told me exactly what you’re passionate about. She said but how can she do it when she doesn’t have the money. That’s when I told her that she doesn’t have to ask how or know how. Even if you don’t know how you can pursue what you are passionate about, it doesn’t stop you from being passionate about it.

All that is required when you write a vision letter or do a vision board is that you say what it is that you want and then believe you’re going to get it. Once you’ve done that, as Paulo Coelho says in The alchemist “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it”. What is required from you is belief. You have to believe that what you are hoping for will come true. You have to have faith.

You can continue with whatever you are currently doing, whilst resting in the knowledge that what you are believing for will happen. That is what faith is, belief in that which has not yet happened, that which we have not yet seen. What will also help is visualization, something I’m going to focus on in next week’s post using the book Creative Visualization: Use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life by Shakti Gawain.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money and finding ways to do it but it doesn’t tell you what you are passionate about. If you figure out what you are truly passionate about and pursue that, money will come as a result of that and you will also be happy. If you chase only money, you can have millions of it and still be unhappy.

If you focus on the how, you will only hurt yourself because if you really dream big, there is no way you could imagine or figure out how you could get what you are dreaming about. It will seem unattainable.

If after asking yourself what you would be doing if money was not an issue, you still can’t figure out what you are passionate about, maybe this next suggestion will help. I once heard someone say one way is to ask yourself “what are you willing to suffer for”? If you’re willing to suffer for something, chances are you’re passionate about it. I don’t know if this will help, I know it’s worked for some people so maybe try that.

I’ve also found that what you’re passionate about won’t be something new. It won’t be something that someone points out and you say ‘oh yes that’s it’. It’s usually something that you’ve always known deep down in your heart. You may not have realized it for what it is but it’s already inside you. Trust your gut and your intuition, what I call your “spirit” and it will guide you. What will be true for someone else will not necessary be true for you. Find your truth and the only place you will find that is within yourself.

I’ve suggested reading many books in previous posts, however one book that will help you with this is The alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Give it a read and see if it helps you. If you’re still struggling, feel free to email me and we can hash it out and figure it out together.


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