Do you truly know yourself?


In a previous post I discussed the importance of loving yourself. In another post I talked about being compassionate to yourself through writing self-compassionate letters. What is also important is for you to know yourself. Know the kind of person you are. See if what you believe of yourself is really true. Be honest with yourself about what you’re good at and what needs work. In doing this, don’t compare yourself to other people, just get to truly know yourself if you don’t already do so. What may have applied to you in the past, doesn’t necessarily apply to you now.

I was talking to someone about personality types and I said I was analytical and she looked at me like I was crazy. Upon reflection I realized that yes I used to be like that but that wasn’t the case anymore. When I was now thinking about it I realized that when we’re discussing something in a meeting I’m quick to suggest what we can do and if people are happy with it we move on. Even when I’m not the one making suggestions I’ll point out the suggestions already made and ask people to choose so a conclusion is reached sooner. I’m now more expressive than analytical.

In the past I would spend a lot of time analyzing a situation. I wouldn’t be very quick to give my opinion. I would look at the pros and cons and think about a lot before coming to a decision. I thought I wanted to be sure of my decision. Looking back I think one of the reasons for that was also because I was insecure and didn’t trust myself to make the right decision. Another reason could be that I was a people pleaser so I didn’t want to say something that would not be liked by people. That’s not the case anymore. I’m more sure of myself and more decisive now.

Doing all this self-reflection made me come to another realization, that it’s no longer so much about trusting myself than it is about trusting God. I trust that He is guiding me and if I’m about to take a wrong turn He usually let’s me know.  As you can see what I thought of myself was true at one time but not anymore. Look at what you think of yourself or how you see yourself and ask yourself if it’s still true.

Sometimes we make misguided life decisions not because we don’t know what’s going on but because we don’t know ourselves well enough. Since realizing what an amazing, loving and limitless God I serve, I now dream big. A few years ago I had this dream that I would one day be the first female Secretary General of the United Nations. Someone asked me recently if that was still the case. I hadn’t thought about it but I realized that it wasn’t a dream of mine anymore. I’d had this idea that I would like to one day be the head of the UN, it was such a big dream that I entertained the idea for a while.

Knowing what drives me and what I’m passionate about has shown me that, that particular dream doesn’t fit into my future anymore. My vision statement is that “I have the passion to inspire, motivate and empower people all over the world.” The Secretary General dream doesn’t fit into that anymore. It’s also a political post, something I clearly didn’t think of when I wanted it because I’m not into politics.

So take the time to find out if the way you see yourself is a true reflection of you. Consider what changes have taken place in the last few years that may have led to changes in you. Know yourself so you’ll be able to better govern yourself. It will also help you to be able to be open to yourself about your strengths and what you struggle with. This will assist you in achieving your dreams.


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