Come to Him as you are, He won’t judge you


He won’t judge you
In a common story in the Bible people went to Jesus and asked what to do to a woman who was an adulteress. At that time people who did that used to be stoned to death. Jesus, in his usual nonchalant manner told them whoever had never committed any sin should throw the first stone. Everyone left without touching her. You can find the story in John 8. People will judge and find fault in you but God doesn’t judge you. He is a forgiving father.

People say they judge people because they have to help a brother who sins. That’s fine when it’s done with love and within the church. Not to those who are outsiders, who won’t understand and who will feel judged. They won’t be turned by that. People who do that are pleasing themselves not God.

Peter denied Jesus 3 times but God still used him. Jesus said to him “Look after my flock” even though he knew Peter would fail him. He still trusted him with his “flock”. That’s how God is, He knows we mess up sometimes but will still trust us to do what He asks of us.

I love how I know I can be real with God. There’s no one to judge me or ask why I do this or that. I’m free. I can say “Daddy any chance you could make me look younger?” and laugh with Him. I don’t have to wonder if I’m using the right words because He’s my father and He knows my heart. I can even joke with Him because I don’t have to worry if it will be taken the wrong way.

I find David’s Psalms fascinating because he gets real with God, and I mean real! He praises God in one and vents out his frustrations in another. I find myself relating to him.

In this post I talk about how when I was at my worst I cried out to God “Please help me.” In a number of Psalms David says to God, he cried out to him and God heard him. Because God has done the same for me I can truly relate. The Bible is just so fascinating that I can’t believe it took me so long to start reading it.

Back to God being non-judgmental. After we confess our sins to God and we repent, we start on a clean slate. Jesus Christ already paid for our sins by dying on the cross for us. I’m no preacher so you’ll have to go read the gospels for yourself to learn more but I can tell you this fact though, God is a forgiving father who loves you no matter what. I can safely say that because He heard my prayer even though I had gone on a rebellious phase. He took me back with open arms. He will do the same for you if you turn to Him.

Come to him as you are
In turning to God, there is no need for you to be perfect. My life was a mess before I turned to God. He then gradually worked in me to get me to a point where some of the things I was not happy with in my life are a thing of the past. There might be things you struggle with or that one thing that has plagued you for the longest time. You’re not alone. So did Paul.

In 2 Corinthians 4 verses 7 to 9 Paul talks about a “thorn in his flesh” that has tormented him. He mentions how he has pleaded to God for Him to take it away and God said at verse 9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” So yes we might feel weak in some aspects but God’s grace is sufficient for us. He will use His power to get us to where we want to be.

Continue relying on the Holy Spirit in you to guide you. Continue to work on yourself and develop yourself as an individual. Where you feel like you are failing or messing up, give it to God. Your weakness is His strength. When God takes over it will be smooth. You won’t struggle like you’ve been doing. Just go to Him as you are. Don’t try to do certain things for Him to accept you because on your own you might not be able to do it.

I always thought not partying and drinking would mean I wouldn’t be able to have fun. I thought it meant I would suddenly be boring and would only be able to be around boring people. I also thought it would take so much effort and a lot of willpower on my part. That wasn’t the case though.

Once God started to work in me, things started to change and it happened effortlessly. The only reason I can attribute to that is that the Holy Spirit was guiding me. I stopped my different vices without trying even though I had tried in the past and failed. I wasn’t doing it on my own anymore. With the Holy Spirit as my guide, it was effortless. God won’t judge you so turn to Him as you are.


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