Are you living a life that isn’t making you happy? Why don’t you give God a shot?


I’m not an expert on the Bible or being a Christian or living your life right. All I can tell you is what I know. What I do know is that when I was at my worst I cried out to God and he heard my prayer. What I simply said was “God help me”.

Recently I read Matthew 14 verses 22-33 which talk about the time when Jesus walked on water. What stood out for me is that Jesus told Peter to come towards him, which he did. Along the way Peter saw the wind and got scared and cried out “Lord save me”. Verse 31 says “Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him”. The word that struck me was “Immediately”! That’s how God works, when we cry out to him, he gets to work immediately.

We might not see it or feel it but believe me he gets cracking when one of his children cry out to him. When I look back, I might not have seen or felt when God went to work but the way things worked out has shown me without a doubt that things started changing after I reached out to God.

Are you feeling like you need help? Do you need someone to turn to? Give God a chance, he will surprise you. I can’t give you what words to use or how you should say them or when you should say them but if you sincerely reach out to Him, He will not fail you. You might not see immediate results but over time, you will look back and be able to pin point exactly when things changed around for you.

If there are things that you need to learn along the way or there are things that are holding you back, God will show you. It could be through the Bible, through people around you, through something you read, however it is, once you turn to God, he will start working in you. The me of 4 years ago is different from the person I am now. Bit by bit God worked in me, helped me grow as an individual and as a Christian and I’m all the better for it and I’m able to say I am happy!


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