5 Ways to grow your faith


5 Ways to grow your faith

As I was talking to a friend about what my future looks like, she asked me how I got to believe so much. How I got to a point of believing in things that seem impossible and things that I don’t see around me. I hadn’t really thought about it so I had to look at exactly what I did to get there, to see what helped me believe even more than I already did. I believe in faith being a muscle that you have to grow, so the question was how was I growing that muscle? More importantly, how can you?

1. Look for examples

To answer the how, let me ask you this: What do you hope for? What is it that you secretly desire, that you haven’t even told anyone about? Do you see it around you? If not, where are you looking to see it exemplified? Look for examples of what you want. Examples of how God has done it for others. Examples of how others like you have made it or have received what you want. That will help you believe it’s possible. If there are no examples around you, look for them elsewhere, in places such as books and online. For example one of the things I see in my future is being in a marriage ordained by God. I found no example for the kind of marriage I want around me so the internet became my friend. I Googled people that lead the kind of life I’d like to lead. People in the kind of marriage I see myself in.

The Holy Spirit led me to some awesome sites like Kindredgrace.com that share stories of how God wrote different people’s love stories. Recently He led me to men who love Jesus above all else in the most amazing way, men like Brian Guerin, Michael Dow, Eric Gilmour and Michael Koulianos. He led me to men like Devon Franklin who chose celibacy until marriage. The first time I read about someone like that I thought, they actually exist?! It turns out they do, we just don’t get to read about them much. I might not see it around me but Google shows me it’s possible so I’m believing for that kind of man. My very own Devon Franklin is on his way to me. And because God is so amazing, He didn’t just reward him with a wife, He gave him Meagan Good!

When I look for proof of what I want to see in my future, I don’t do it once off. When I go through times where I start to doubt or wonder if it’s really possible, I go back and read some more and search some more. I even keep a bank of them in my head, to draw from when it starts to look impossible again.

2. Prayer

Another faith builder is prayer. Pray for faith. When I was around 14 years old someone told me about faith. They told me about faith that can move mountains. I was so fascinated that I started praying for faith whenever I prayed. Over time I forgot all about it until I was at varsity and many people on different occasions told me they wished they had my kind of faith. It reminded me of how I used to pray for it. I believed so much that once, I read only one page for a test because I was having too much fun to study and was still convinced I would pass. When we wrote the test, the whole test was based on the one page I had read.

If you don’t nourish it, water it and grow it, faith can recede. The great thing though is that it can be rejuvenated. I lost my faith along the way in my twenties and when I came back to God I was reminded of how much faith I used to have. I started praying for it again and working on growing it. I now believe so much I’m willing to share vision letters and similar things with anyone who will read because I know without a doubt those things have already happened. When they do happen in the physical, I’ll be able to point people to the posts and books where I’ve shared bits of my future, to show them what faith results in.

3. The Bible

Read the Bible. It has many verses and stories about what God can and will do. Read Bible stories where God did what was considered the impossible. Look for examples that go with what you’re hoping for. If you’re hoping to be healed, look for stories to do with healing. For example where my marriage is concerned, I read Ruth’s story in the book of Ruth in the Bible. The beginning doesn’t tell of the ending and yet because God honors what He sees as qualities pleasing to Him, He changed things around for Ruth.

If you have something you consider a giant hindering you from believing or moving forward, read about David and how he took down Goliath with a sling shot and a stone. Even Chuck Norris couldn’t have done it and we all know Chuck Norris can do anything! That God, the God of David and Ruth, is the same God we serve. Why would He do it for them and not us, His children? How big are you believing and dreaming? Are you believing for a bicycle when what you need is a car?

4. Surround yourself with the right people

Another way you can grow your faith is through being around other people who believe, not only for themselves but for you too. I have a tribe of what I call my ‘vision ladies.’ We build each other’s faith up. Although we are in different countries we spur each other on and believe for each other as much as for ourselves. Through our WhatsApp group we remind one another what our future looks like before we’ve seen it. It’s not everyone who’s going to be excited about what you’re believing for so you don’t have to share with everyone.

Thankfully the closest person to me, my mom, is a big believer. What I share with her, she believes with me. She actually takes care of her garden for when my husband to be comes. She’ll just throw it in conversation, “what do you think he’ll think of this?” Or “do you think he’ll like mangoes?” Building my faith up. Reminding me of what God has done for her, on days when I feel like it’s taking forever.

5. Watch sermons or talks that ignite your faith

Watch preachers and speakers who will stir your soul and ignite your faith. Pastor Michael Todd is one example. I mentioned him in this post, he is one preacher who will ignite your faith in ways you never thought possible.

You have to keep growing your faith in something. It’s not a once off thing. You have to work at it until you believe so much that no matter what anyone says you will still believe. If you don’t, people and circumstances will attempt to make you doubt and manage to do so. It’s up to you whether or not you do it. Are you going to believe them or God? Them or the Holy Spirit whispering in you? Them or the word of God which says if you believe, anything is possible?


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