5 preachers to watch to transform your life


In a previous post I talked about 2 preachers to watch to grow your faith and feel God’s love, Joel Osteen and Steven Furtick. I explain why I needed to watch them before other preachers because they preach God’s love in a way that I needed before I could watch other preachers. Now I’d like to introduce you to some preachers to watch, each for their own specialty, well according to me. They preach on the gospel, covering many aspects of it but for each one I will tell you why I watch their sermons. They are preachers I believe will assist you greatly in your walk with Christ or to learn more about the gospel and better your relationship with God. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

The Holy Spirit – John Bevere
As far as I know, I’ve found no pastor that can talk about and teach on the Holy Spirit the way John Bevere does. I was already walking with Christ, with God still working in me on so many things when a friend suggested I watch his sermons. I’m glad I did because he introduced me to the Holy Spirit in a way no one had ever done. He opened my eyes to a presence that has been with me all along whom I ignored. It explained so many unexplained happenings in my life.

For example I once looked at a painting called “loneliness” and cried even though I wasn’t feeling lonely. As I got to know Spirit, I realized it was Spirit crying from loneliness. I know it might sound weird to you but if you don’t have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, watch John Bevere sermons on the Holy Spirit and learn how to. It will change your life and bring you closer to God in a way you never could have imagined. If I was you I would start with this sermon The Holy Spirit – An introduction.

Relatable Gospel – Stephanie Ike
She makes the gospel come to life. She looks at the human side of Bible stories or events to give better understanding. She helps me better relate to Bible characters and see myself in them and understand what they were going through. More often than not she makes me feel like she’s talking directly to me, as though God sent her to preach on a particular topic just for me. That right there is a gift. I believe she is truly a Spirit led preacher. Here’s one of her sermons Identity.

Telling it like it is – Sarah Jakes Roberts
The best way I can explain her preaching is that she tells it like it is. I believe she speaks from understanding because she’s lived, she’s been the so called ‘church girl’ and the ‘not so much of a church girl’ according to the world’s standards. I can relate to that. I feel no judgment whatsoever when I watch her. Her transparency is unparalleled. She also shows me that you don’t have to shout to put your message across. In this sermon He loves me she gets real and speaks so much truth that I think everyone that’s ever felt like they messed up should watch it.

Preaching that teaches – Priscilla Shirer
She covers a whole host of topics but what I love about her sermons is that she teaches in a way that will make you understand. She will, for instance, preach on a verse and when she’s done you’ll find yourself reciting it without trying to memorize it. You’ll also have a deeper understanding of that verse and the numerous messages that one verse has. In the best teacher mode, she’s a great story teller. She tells stories that make you see what she’s talking about and makes you understand the gospel better. You will see exactly what I mean in this sermon He goes beyond our beyond.

Faith and Expectation – Pastor Michael Todd
After watching this man I felt like I’d found myself in a pastor. If I could move to Tulsa Oklahoma today I would. His faith and expectancy is so contagious that I watched 9 of his sermons one after the other in one day. Yes I know that’s crazy but I already know I’m crazy so it’s okay. I’d watched his “Before the person: Relationship goals” sermon and because of the millions of views thought he was a well-known pastor who’d been doing it for a while.

Watching his earlier sermons made me hear his message a little differently. I saw him talk about things that he had faith for that hadn’t happened yet, that his later sermons showed was already happening. I love people who are willing to share what they have faith for before it happens because when it does they can go back and say “look at what God has done, look at what faith can result in.”

Watching his sermons has solidified my belief that anything is possible if you believe. If I ever visit Tulsa my first stop is Transformation Church. Here’s one of his sermons Expect Effect.

Let me state at this point that I haven’t watched each and every one of their sermons so I can’t vouch for everything they say but I’ve learned a lot from them and I believe you will too. Go ahead, check them out and let them help you transform your life. Don’t forget though that at the end of the day, the Bible is your best source. If you watch anything you don’t understand or are wondering about, confirm for yourself in the Bible.


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